Whim is the latest dating app that offers the quickest way to go on a date with someone you like. That’s the promise of Whim, a free application born at the beginning of August to the United States. Only available on iOS for now, Whim dating app is for singles who want to do real encounters.

Whim dating app meet real people in real life

Whim dating app, an app where users can meet people without any hassle:

It is an application for people who seriously want to connect in real life,”

Whim is not a social platform where single discuss with a dozen other singles by engaging more or less brilliantly in the dating game distributed by intermediaries. Whim is a dating app at the most elementary sense. Its screen to the right so it is careful when it scans for liker profile. Because it leads to something concrete, and immediately engaging. The like becomes serious consequences. Tinder and your farewell like mass, meaningless. Hello Whim, and your behind which waits like an appointment, and love perhaps? Whim inaugurates the era of responsible like.

whim dating application

How Whim dating app Works?

How it happens? You must first create your profile, choosing your best photo, give a nickname, your date of birth and above, indicate when the week you are available.

Like Tinder then you look at the profiles of other people and post your favorites. If the interest is mutual, Whim then organizes an appointment based on your availability, suggesting at the same place. You finally get the person you are going to encounter telephone number, if you really want to discuss it before.

go on a date with Whim dating site

Whim dating site delivers the wonderful promise of true encounter in real life!

“Tell us when you are free, tell us who you like and we will set up the appointment,” it said on the website of Whim, new application of dating. Whim delivers the wonderful promise of true encounter in real life. Users of the app will create a profile by not informing only a nickname and a date of birth, but by notifying their availability on a virtual agenda on 7 days. And if you’re free on the evening of August 24, while Whim will look to set up an appointment when a mutual interest has been expressed.

how to use Whim app

No more endless discussions and uninteresting with your game, this new application immediately send you the time and place where you will meet like profile. Obviously, it still allows you to exchange a few messages with the other upstream, but only on your respective phone numbers.

Whim an application for people who seriously want to connect in real life.

Eve Peters, founder of Whim, presents his app as the antidote Tinder. “Whim wants the solution to hyper abundance of choices and the reluctance to commitment. This is an application for people who seriously want to connect in real life. “She said. Whim team has conducted a survey of users of applications like Tinder and arrived at this sad result: only 10% of matches would lead to a real encounter. And you think back to your serial Tinder games, hidden behind the tab at the top right of the screen. As you scroll through the profiles that you liked and who liked you, you realize you do not even have engaged in discussions with most, or you were out of ideas after the eternal “Hi! – Hi ! – How are you ? – Yes and you ? – How are you”. Whim, it’s the end of the missed opportunities.

Partnerships with bars and restaurants provided

The application is currently available only on IOS, but promises a fast geographical development and should be available in 2016. Android Apps free at launch, but the founder says it has set up a subscription to $ 10 a month (€ 8.9), with the first appointment that would given. Whim also plans to make money through promotional partnerships established with bars and restaurant where appointments are planned. Contacted by writing, team


No fake profiles on Whim dating Site!

All profiles of new users Whim are read and reviewed by a team member who reserves the right to ban Almighty anyone would psychopath tunes (choose well your photo editor’s note). Also, feedback as a critical appointments, systematically demanded each user after the first meeting. A bit like Airbnb, it is still safer to go to bed with someone who has only positive comments.